Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hujan & SpongeBob SquarePants

Adoii...hujan lak skang nie, baru jerk planning nop g fishing petang nie. Semua awok2 ready blaker dosh nie, alat2 tempur pun doh setup blaker doh, dokkang kener tunda pulok. Hmm jawab dia duk dumoh layan kartun Spongebob Squarepants jerk la kul 5 jap lagi, huhuhu. Boring..boring..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

About Dungun

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Dungun is a coastal district of the Malaysian state of Terengganu. Kuala Dungun is the capital of the district. Dungun is also the name of the parliamentary constituency in which the district is situated.
Kuala Dungun town used to be an iron mining town in the 1940s. Iron ores were actually mined in a small town inland called Bukit Besi located to the west, while Kuala Dungun served as the port where the ore was transferred onto ships. Kuala Dungun and Bukit Besi were then connected with a railway line that not only served the mining industry but also served as public transportation for inland villagers, the Dungun township and its businesses.

Like stated above, Dungun once was famous over iron mining. Soon after, at the end of its era, British decided to fire old worker. Since all they did was sleep while working, slow , more talk than work. Feeling unprofitable, British wanted to hire more useful workers for Bukit Besi . Yet then, the people didn’t agree with this. They revolt and boycott British and held a mass boycott at Stesen Nibong aka Nibong Stesen . Seeing this, British had enough. They decided to close Bukit Besi mine. And thus, the result of why Bukit Besi was left, not being used for more than 30 years.

That was the real reason why bukit besi being closed down. But there’s also another version of folktale being told here by elders. Local believes that, the mother of iron ( it’s a big iron stone which is different than any other stone ) should not be touch . If you break it, the resource would be less and soon after, gone. British disregard this info, they break it and sold it. Not long after that, resources going out slow, unprofitable for British thus closing down.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alat Tempur Surfcasting Terkini Aku (Cha jgn jeles,huhu)

Alatan tempur aku untuk surfcasting yang terkini, sajer nak bagi motivasi kat Cha, huhu. Berikut sikit info untuk pengetahuan semua.

Rod tuh Banax Scorpion Surf 15 kaki (4.5 meter).

Info pasal reel tuh pulak :

Emblem’s huge diameter spool was designed for maximum casting distance and superior drag performance. Complete with spare aluminum spool and Daiwa’s CRBB ball bearing, it offers a tremendous value.
Emblem® Pro Features:
  • Seven ball and roller bearings, including Daiwa’s CRBB super corrosion resistant ball bearing
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • One-Touch folding handle
  • Free spare aluminum spool
  • Ultra-tough Dura-Aluminum drive gear
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Selective self-centering
  • Precision, worm-shaft levelwind cross-wraps line evenly on spool
  • Twist Buster® line twist reduction
Amacam Cha? Ada berani kaa?.